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As an introverted coach I’ve found it hard to fall in love with social media to grow my business. I do it, I show up, but it doesn’t fill me with excitement or energy. I find it a drain if I’m honest. I’ve learned to take imperfect action, because once I do – things happen!

Is it perfect straight away? No… But, in time as with most things in life, you improve!

I spent quite a bit of time writing in Medium last year, but found that it took a lot of my time when I needed to be focusing on building my business. But, my love of writing is too strong of a pull so here I am!

What’s Different Now?

I’ve joined a couple of groups to help me create a blog that will become an integral part of my business growth. I’m unsure how this will go… Nervous with a little bit of my good old friend self-doubt… But most of all I feel excited! This is how I know it’s the right choice for me & I cannot wait to see what happens.

I would love you to join my journey, I’ve never promoted my writing in this way, but the clients I work with inspire me to take the chances that I encourage them to take every day!

My message to you if you’re about to embark on something new, on something that you’d love to do but so far haven’t felt ready to – start. That’s it, that’s the nugget of my first blog!

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I’m sure you’ve heard it countless times from others – and there’s probably a reason for that… You may never feel ready to start. Your brain is doing it’s job a little too diligently in keeping you safe. Trust that you will be okay, imperfect action is still action. You can improve on what you’re doing over time. But if there’s nothing to begin with – where’s the growth going to happen?!

For support with achieving your goals in business, I support online service providers including coaches, therapists who are introverts / HSP’s / Manage chronic illness or energy issues. As an accountability coach & mentor & as someone who lives with ME/CFS, who processes things a little differently & who is also an introvert… I get it!

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