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About Me
Hello there! I'm Lynsey.

I’m a therapist, mentor & coach & an introverted, low energy entrepreneur!

I create digital products, journals & planners. I also write a lot & support others to achieve their own goals!

I live in Somerset in the UK with my partner, 2 sons & our dog! I'm passionate about helping others succeed in what they do - because I understand how it feels to doubt yourself. This was why I moved from teaching into therapy and coaching.

However, I found the online coaching world tricky to navigate. Especially with the marketing & sales side of things. Although I worked with several different coaches, I didn’t quite find what I needed. The more I tried to fit into boxes, the less confident I became. And despite believing in my business, I lost faith.

What Changed?

As an experienced teacher & therapist I knew that I knew my stuff. But having to change who I was to make sales or get seen on social media just felt wrong. That’s when I discovered the brilliance of passive income.

Writing, creating courses & creating digital products / resources & selling them appealed to me much more!

So, if you’re finding it tough to navigate & feel heard online, check out my membership The Authentic Growth Community. I think you’ll love it!

How Does Your Digital Product Store Help Coaches?

The digital product store is geared towards helping you create your own passive income. I’m passionate about helping others achieve goals with ease & confidence. The products are here to help kickstart your business. Saving you time & energy!

If you’ve found setting up & growing your business overwhelming & stressful, I’m here to help you cut through the crap. I can help you focus on exactly what you can do to get yourself up & running. Without the headache!

The Done-For-You templates & resources will enable you to grow your audience. It will help to build your authority.

The business guides & tools will help you to create a professional & smooth onboaridng experience for you & your clients.

Client Love
“Lynsey is such a wonderful coach. She is very understanding and nonjudgmental.

I felt like I was being heard and she helped me uncover limiting beliefs that were holding me back, so I can finally move forward.

I highly recommend working with Lynsey, her approach is gentle but still gets to where we need to be”


Lynsey has really helped me work through my stress and burnout. She has taught me how to be kinder to myself and not get bogged down and feel so overwhelmed. I’ve had some real revelations in our sessions and have made some really important changes in my life, all for the better.

Lynsey provides a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space for you to be able to talk through anything and everything whilst keeping the sessions structured enough to ensure you are getting the best results. I can’t recommend Lynsey highly enough and thank you for being my coach”


“I downloaded Lynsey’s Achieve with stress app and it was incredible!! So much insight, tips and techniques to use.

It really made me think about how I deal with stress and how to cope with it better.

This really goes beyond many other programmes I have used!

Thank you Lynsey it was brilliant and definitely something i know I will refer back to again and again!!”



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